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This beautiful blue rosary is made of AAA-grade natural aquamarine stones, Swarovski crystals, and silver.


Each stone is faceted into a cube shape which gives it an intense shimmer that dazzles in any light.


Each "Hail Mary" bead is a natural aquamarine stone laced in stainless steel wire.


Each "Our Father" bead is an authentic Arora Borealis Swarovski crystal linked to stainless steel chain. 


The centerpiece is a beautiful art-deco image of a curly-haired Cherubim angel dressed in blue. The image is captured under resin and set in tarnish-resistant oxidized silver. 


The crucifix is made of oxidized silver and has the Saint Benedict medal of protection engraved into it. 


For more information on the Saint Benedict Medal click here.



Cherub Angel Rosary featuring Aquamarine Stones

SKU: 144

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