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"Our Lady of Perpetual Help" is a Roman Catholic image that is associated with an apparition of The Virgin Mary, miracles, and even a history of theft. The image was painted sometime before 1499 and was stolen from a Monastery in Crete.

The image depicts Jesus as a small child being held, by His Mother, the Virgin Mary.

There are also  2  angels present in this image.

On the right side is Saint Gabriel the archangel carrying a cross.

On the left side is Saint Michael the Archangel holding the lance and sponge that will be used during the crucifixion.

Jesus looks frightened by the revelations being presented to him by God's most Holy angels. This is depicted in the way he's holding onto his mother's hands, and how his little sandal is dangling from his foot.

The blessed mother Mary has a look of peace on her face as if she fully understands the entire situation. Look how she both comforts her child Jesus and presents him to us.

The image eventually ended up in a home, where a little girl had a vision of the Virgin Mary instructing her to have the image placed in a specific church where it remained for over 300 hundred years. The image was eventually venerated by Pope Pius XI in the 1800s and currently hangs in a church in Rome. 

The icon has been growing in popularity in the United States since the 1920s and we celebrate its feast day each year on June 27th.





We used Swarovski crystals throughout the entire rosary and wired them with stainless steel. 

Both the centerpiece and crucifix are made in Italy of Oxidized silver. 

The crucifix includes the Saint Benedict Medal of Protection.







Our Lady of Perpetual Help Rosary featuring Swarovski Crystals & Silver

SKU: 232

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