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Behold the ethereal beauty of our Glass Rosary, a radiant tribute to faith and devotion, adorned with a mesmerizing array of colors that dance and mingle in harmonious splendor. Each bead, meticulously crafted from glass, showcases a spectrum of purples and pinks, blending seamlessly to create a visual symphony of divine grace.


At the heart of this exquisite Rosary lies a centerpiece unlike any other – a unique artist's rendition of Our Lady of Guadalupe, capturing the timeless icon within the tender embrace of a heart. This inspired depiction emphasizes the immaculate heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, symbolizing her boundless love, compassion, and protection for all who seek her intercession.


As your fingers glide along the smooth surface of the Hail Mary beads, you'll be entranced by their translucent beauty, each one a testament to the purity and sincerity of prayer. The Our Father beads, adorned with glass cabochon images of Mary's immaculate heart, serve as poignant reminders of her maternal presence and the depth of her love for humanity.


This Glass Rosary is more than just a symbol of faith – it's a radiant expression of devotion and reverence, designed to uplift the spirit and inspire heartfelt prayer. Whether for personal use, gifting, or cherished heirloom purposes, our Rosary is a beacon of hope and a tangible reminder of the enduring power of divine grace.

Our Lady and Her Immaculate Heart Rosary


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