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Introducing our Saint Raphael Rosary, a stunning devotional accessory meticulously crafted with stainless steel and moonstones. This extraordinary rosary is designed to honor Saint Raphael, the archangel known for his healing and protective qualities, making it a cherished companion for those seeking divine guidance, physical and spiritual healing, and the restoration of relationships.


The stainless steel construction of this rosary signifies strength, durability, and unwavering faith. It is a symbol of the steadfastness required in times of trial and the unyielding devotion to Saint Raphael's intercession.


As you hold this rosary in your hands, you are invited to embark on a profound journey of healing and protection. With every prayerful bead, you can seek Saint Raphael's intercession for physical ailments, emotional wounds, and the restoration of harmony in relationships. 


Crafted with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, this rosary features precisely sized beads and a well-balanced design, allowing for a seamless and immersive prayer experience. The stainless steel chain ensures durability, while the luminous moonstones add a touch of celestial grace, inspiring a deeper connection to the healing power of Saint Raphael.


Whether for personal devotion or as a heartfelt gift, our Saint Raphael Rosary embodies the essence of faith, hope, and the transformative influence of this beloved archangel. With its stainless steel construction and captivating moonstones, it serves as a tangible reminder of Saint Raphael's guidance and the celestial blessings he bestows upon those who seek his intercession. Embrace the healing journey and enhance your prayer practice with this exceptional rosary, an enduring symbol of Saint Raphael's presence and the transformative power of divine healing.



The Saint Raphael Rosary featuring Moonstone

SKU: 482

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